Sing What You Need To Say:
An Instachat With Singer/Songwriter Cassidi

Giulia Di Stravola discusses emotional connection,
blowing up on TikTok, and catering inward with Cassidi.

November 12, 2020

Hi Cassidi! It is such a pleasure to have you here in the Artist’s Bubble!

Hi there :) so excited!!!

Your music has landed over thousands of streams on Tik Tok, Youtube, Spotify, and has been on continuous rotation on top 40 radio stations. What are you feeling right now?!’s surreal. There are so many emotions that came with 2020 in the first place, so having it be the year that my music began to blow up feels like the light at the end of the tunnel

It’s really amazing! Much of your music speaks to the complicated nature surrounding relationships: the heartbreaks, the thrill, the chase. It is so real and relatable.

When you’re writing a song, how do you know when you have an idea worth pursuing?

A lot of the time, it’s more about having to get it out of my system. I think that even if you plan on never releasing a song, it’s still good to write and sing what you need to say in that moment. But for example, I thought “stupid boys” was too harsh of a song and didn’t plan on releasing it until it went viral. Sometimes it just works out that way! Lol

Absolutely, and I’m so glad you ended up releasing “Stupid Boys”, and now it’s racked over a million views on Tik Tok and gained so much traction across over a variety of platforms!

I also heard you’re releasing a new music video for it, do you mind sharing the concept behind the video?

Of course! The video concept basically brings you inside of my head. It fixates on the chaos and unsteadiness that comes with the emotional love / hate narrative - it really resonates

I am so excited for it. It’s going to be crazy!

I can’t wait for it to come out! We’re all very excited! ❤️

Aaaah thank you! 💜

So many of your fans say that your sound is ideal to cry, dance, and even rage to; I feel like that’s such a great indication that your music allows for so many emotional scenarios. Would you agree with that?

Oh absolutely. I’d like to think my music is a safe space to just purge your emotions

The good, the bad, anything that comes

I just want people to know that they are allowed to feel!

I love that, I also love reading your fan’s comments on your music; people definitely appreciate your willingness to be intimate with how you feel.

I think it’s so important not to demonize emotions. We’re taught to suppress them enough growing up, ya know? Being strong is associated with holding everything in. But everything comes out in one way or another, with me it ended up being anxiety. I’d like to help change the narrative around it, I think it takes strength to let yourself feel! Not the other way around

I think that’s why so many people resonate with your music! There are no filters on how you feel and what you’re trying to say through your songs. And people (including myself) appreciate that so much! This is definitely a strong start in shaping a new narrative around strength and the empowerment that comes with it.

Honestly, my music only began doing so well when I started saying exactly how I feel

No filter! Lol

You have a remarkable gift of mixing various musical elements from varying genres, how did you come to develop your sound?

I believe my sound came from years of listening to r&b in my adolescence, idolizing the most amazing women in the industry (of now and of all time) - and incorporating all of my elements from different sounds. Whether it’s pop music, ballads, anything! There’s no limits in creating

There should never be any limits in creating, that’s for sure!

Your recent single, “Honeymoon Phase,” has this poignant energy to it, particularly when we think about the dispelling nature of the honeymoon phase. Yet in the same vein, it alludes to this feeling of empowerment when you say, “And I won't budge if you don't stay / Ya I would be the same bitch baby / ‘Cause I'm not perfect any day.” What was going on in your head when you wrote this song?

When I wrote this song I was coping with losing someone, but was also in the process of accepting it. It wasn’t a fresh wound, and I had tried to heal it multiple times before. But once I decided I was a bad bitch, I wrote the line “you’re moving on cause you need the attention, i’m moving on cause i’m learning a lesson” - and from there I just embodied the confidence I needed. I felt SO much better

I was like .. wait, you lost ME? That actually sucks for you. Honestly

What do you think about today’s culture surrounding relationships? Why do you think so many of us continue to chase “toxic” partners?

I hate to sound like a therapist, but I think a lot of it depends on the environment we’re used to. There are no perfect parents, or people. But sometimes when things aren’t perfect healthy in a household, we come to a point in a romantic relationship where things similarly are not they way they should be. Combine that with having a good heart. I believe we stay because it’s comfortable, we’re used to the circumstances, and a decent size of this generation is sensitive with tendencies to people please

Especially as women, we are always taught to play the submissive and caring role. Cater to how others feel. Fuck that

Cater to YOURSELF and the right people come. That’s what I’ve learned

Exactly! There’s so much truth in all of that. Like the lyric you mentioned, “I’m moving on cause I’m learning a lesson.”

When did you realize your music was getting a lot of hype? Do you think Tik Tok helped in getting your music out there?

Oh absolutely. When stupid boys hit 100k views in one day, I knew something crazy was happening

I also knew I had to release the song. And when it did, the streams skyrocketed. Tiktok has helped SO much in bringing recognition to my music

You definitely had to, it’s such a fun song to feel badass to and sip wine over 😉  and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Congratulations on that great success!

Are there any musicians that you’re really interested in collaborating with?

I’m very into FLETCHER. She’s an icon. Pop / alt artists like her, Remi Wolf, Olivia O brien, I’m obsessed with that vibe! So badass

It's sort of the lane I’m falling into as well. As far as A list artists - I am absolutely infatuated with Ari, Halsey, Doja, Lizzo. I draw so much inspiration and confidence from them

I can definitely hear Doja and Lizzo’s influence on your sound, I’m so looking forward for these collaborations to become a reality ♥️

What do you think is the main message you want to communicate to your fans?

I want them to know that they have support. Whether listening to my music gets them through something heartbreaking, whether it’s me using my platform to bring attention and action to what they’re fighting for, whether they need someone to fight alongside them. I am all of that. Black lives, gay rights, everyone is equal in my artist space. I’m here to use my platform & to be a shoulder for others

I love them so much

It’s so important to have someone we admire to be an ally, it’s what we need.

So, what’s next for you?

You’ve got the first word on this, I’ll be shooting some music videos 😉

And ALOT of new material is coming. It’s like nothing I’ve done. I am so so stoked

I cannot wait! We are all so excited to see what you come out with next! 😍

Thank you so much for being a part of the Artist’s Bubble, Cass!

Congratulations on your mounting success, and for all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished so far! Keep expressing your incredible self, we’re here for it ♥️

Thank you so much for having me! And thank you so so much for your compliments, that means so much to me. This was awesome :)

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Giulia Di Stravola is a writer based in Brooklyn. Before pursuing writing and media full-time, she worked with the United Nations. Giulia is fluent in four languages, and is currently working on a screenplay and a short story collection.